Electric Shear Wrench

Electric Shear Wrench...

Prime Shear wrenches are Compact design, high power, as well as high performance ratio, offering users a highly comfortable operating experience. Its motor and gear have a long service life. It is ideal for using in bridge construction, high-rise buildings, metallurgical construction, power plant construction, chemical industry construction, etc. This shear wrench is designed to fasten or tighten torsional shear type high strength bolt or tension control bolt. The bolt has a splined end that will disconnect when the bolt's tension reaches a predetermined value. The splined end is sheared off means that the bolt has reached to the pre-tension.

Features of prime electric shear wrench

  • Available seven models having covers M16 to M36 bolt sizes.
  • Will provide two sockets with Tool.
  • Each tool will have fatigue testing and tighten bolts testing before shipment.
  • Warranty – 6 months ( not including easy-worn parts like motor, inner socket, carbon brush).