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Prime Tools Provide Complete Controlled Bolting Solutions, In Situ Machining (Flange Facing & Serration), Condenser & Boiler Retubing with International Standard. We provide fast, accurate and reliable solutions to critical assembly Problems. We are committed to safety and Quality of our Products and services. Our manufactured products are designed and carried out with management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. We are focused on providing complete operational flexibility with a vast Range of High Performance Products manufactured in house and available for Sale and Rental Worldwide.

Prime provides complete range of controlled Bolting Tools, In Situ machining Tools and Re-tubing tools and water jetting equipments on rental basis with skilled technicians.

We Cater Rental Services to every Industrial Sector:

  • Heavy Engineering Industries.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Thermal Power.
  • Renewable (Wind, Solar & Hydro).
  • Infrastructures ( Road, Bridges & Buildings & Ports).
  • Steel Industry.
  • Fertilizer Industry.
  • Cement Industry.
  • Sugar Industry.
  • Railway Industry.
  • Mining Industry.

Services we Provide

Bolting Solutions
Bolting Solutions

Controlled Bolting (Torquing and Tensioning) is an essential part of the Mechanical Maintenance activities for a Startup, Commissioning or a Shutdown, The Maintenance starts and ends with Bolting & Inspection.

Situ Machining
In Situ Machining Solutions

Most of the industrial Services demands for on-site machining to cut down time and cost on their projects during maintenance activities so that they won't have to bring out their components to a machine shop.


Re-tubing is a service associated to the Maintenance and refurbishment of Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Boilers, Coolers, and Chillers. Heat exchanger condensers, Boilers these Equipments tubes.

Machine Bolting Service
Hydro Testing

PRIME provide pressure testing for pipelines and for other components. It applies in Burst (Hydrostatic) testing, Work holding/power clamping, Jacking/lifting, Valve actuator control, Hydraulic cylinder actuation, press safety overload devices, Roller...

Portable Water Jet Cleaning & Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cleaning is the process of separating scaling and deposit of chemical with pressurised water. It is a non- destructive excavation process to remove hard scaling/deposit from inside the choked tubes.